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Media Training Workshop

Media Training Workshop


LAHORE - 5 MARCH, 2022

Workshop Theme

“Changing Roles, Responsibilities Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Media Age.”
This interactive learning workshop was organized by the National Press Trust in collaboration with UoL & other academia for the working media persons who have 3-5 years’ experience.

The rapid changes and advancements in technology especially convergence of technologies offer many new opportunities for Media organizations and Persons. At the same time new challenges and responsibilities are posed. While the advent of new technologies and platforms in the Digital field have opened new vistas and fields of journalism and communication, the traditional Print and Electronic Media practitioners have also evolved into multifaceted roles. 


In the workshop theoretical experts from leading universities enlightend the participants about the academic advancements related to the Workshop theme. Prominent and seasoned Editors & Columnist of Print Media who have become leading Analysts and Experts on National TV Channels shared their knowledge and experience with the participants.

Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan                Chairman, National Press Trust
Mr. Amjed Pervez Malik               Senior Advisor, National Press Trust
Dr. Rabia Noor                                Assistant Professor, School of Creative Arts, University of Lahore
Mr. Umer Farooqi                           Lecturer, School of Media and Communication Studies, University of Management & Technology, Lahore
Dr. Savera Shami                           Chairperson, Associate Professor, School of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab
Mr. Sohail Warriach                       Senior Columnist / Senior Analyst
Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami     Senior Columnist / Senior Analyst
Syed Irshad Ahmad Arif

Dr. Rabia Noor                                Empowering the Journalists in Mobile Journalism (MoJo)
Mr. Umer Farooqi                          Data Journalism ” Telling stories with data”
Dr. Savera Shami                           Safety and Digital Security for Journalists

Dr. Rabia Noor

Empowering the Journalists in Mobile Journalism (MoJo)


Mr. Umer Farooqi

Data Journalism
“Telling Stories with Data”


Dr. Savera Shami 
Safety and Digital Security for Journalists

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